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Costanoan Indian Research, Inc. (“CIR” est. 1985) is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization at Indian Canyon, Hollister, California, owned and held by the Indian Canyon Chualar Tribe of the Costanoan-Ohlone People, aka “Indian Canyon Nation”.

Indian Canyon has served as a safe haven for Indigenous peoples in need of land for ceremony and education. CIR has opened this land to visitors for Indigenous studies, rural development, culture sharing connections. Indian Canyon is the only land continuously held by the Ohlone people, the first inhabitants of the San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area. Indian Canyon is the the only federally recognized “Indian Country” for 300 miles along central coastal California from San Pablo to Santa Ynez.

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Bay Area California = Ohlone Land

” “Welcome to Ohlone territory! We are still here, and we are still on our lands where we have always been,” said Ann Marie Sayers, Mutsun Ohlone, founder of Costanoan Indian Research, in her opening remarks at the Resilience of Sacred Places: Defining Security—dialogues held over two evenings in July 2015 on the connection between sacred sites and security that were hosted by the Sacred Land Film Project and the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California. ” Indian Country Today 2015

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Thank You for your interest in supporting in revitalizing Indigenous lands and cultures, encouraging our community to connect to their natural environment [NDD: Nature Deficit Disorder] acknowledging the ‘Rights of nature‘ and witness the world with an Indigenous lens.  Indian Canyon is a place where many seedlings start and thrive, and we desire the spiral energy to come and reconnect, to help us sustain and inspire the next generation and 7 generations forward.

Maintaining the mile long ‘Canyon’ is no easy task, we have a sacred obligation to tend our ancestral homelands and be good “Ancestors-In-Training”.

Vision and Goals

CIR’s goals and objectives are to: create local, national, and international programs designed to improve and enhance the cultural image of California Indians through greater public exposure of tribal history; establish greater influence over public policies and programs that affect indigenous peoples and the environment; identify and implement projects that improve the cohesiveness and self-sufficiency of the Costanoan Ohlone people; provide land for indigenous peoples to carry out their tribal ceremonies and share their traditional way of living in harmony with the environment;  early 90’s our work promoted research in the field of West African pygmy goats, and we continue to provide support to California indigenous peoples who are fighting for land rights.


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